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Decoder install in Kato E6 Komachi

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This is a follow-up post regarding installation of FL12 and EM13 decoder types in the Kato E6. 


Generally, the install is very straightforward and quite similar to my other DCC friendly Shinkansen, the Dr. Yellow set. For the end cars, installation of the FL12 requires the removal of a hatch on the bottom of the car and installation of the decoder by pressing it in and forward. The lead car will require the removal of a piece of plastic used to insulate the lights when the set is coupled to an E5 set. I've included a photo of the correctly installed decoder in the lead car. 


The motor car is equally straightforward. It requires the removal of the bottom of the car, followed by the removal of one of the trucks and then installation of the EM13 decoder. I've attached a photo of the installed EM13 decoder.


Unlike my previous experience with the Dr. Yellow trainset, I destroyed one FL12 decoder during installation. I've attached a photo with a red arrow that calls out the problem. On each side of the car, brass strips run longitudinally, connecting the trucks. Under these brass strips is another piece of brass shaped like this:




It's designed to allow the correct LEDs to be illuminated when running in DC operations. Unfortunately, I found that the decoder could ride up over one of the legs of the intermediate brass strip, which allows the decoder to short out.


Overall, not quite as easy as the Dr. Yellow set but far easier than installing decoders in a 500 series Shinkansen...






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