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Looking for pictures of custom length Kato platforms to decide if I want to chop one.


I have a trundled couch layout 6x3ft that Id like to have a temporary station.


Dilemma is that using the V15 kit leaves room for 310mm of platform.

That’s one platform and 1.5 ends or should I just chop an original Platform without roof and be done?

After a few years hiatus I am disappointed there are no 186mm single concrete Zuni tracks; so I split a double track.

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Very easy to do, just go at then with a razor saw where needed. We’ve shortened them by up to an inch for various reasons. Only thing that may look odd is where detail hole will be and where the little vertical lines on the side surfaces fall, but those are usually not very noticeable.





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Thank, Jeff.


Looks like the ends for the Modern City Island Platform Set 23120 would be best to use for my application.


Ill wait to find the kit as the new DX is too extravagant for this layout.


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