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Tea House?


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Surprisingly, models for a traditional tea house are scarce.  I've found one OOP Sankei kit, and that's it.

Has anyone kit-bashed or scratch-built one?

We're looking for one like this one at the Tokugawa Museum; likely will have to scratch-build, but if we can find something with a small roof like this to use, that would help a lot:

And the old Sankei one is a very different style building:

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Tomytec has a tea shop.





Looking at the Sankei kit, some of the simpler farm houses could be a candidate for kit bashing. 








Tomytec has a Japanese Garden Set. I don't know why but I associate a Japanese tea house with a Japanese garden. 






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The tea shops are very different architectural structures than the ceremonial tea house. 

The traditional tea house is indeed set in a garden, as will be our model.  I have a Yahoo Auction search for that Tomytec Garden set bookmarked.

I've been looking at those farmhouses, and may wind up bashing one of those and also maybe replacing the roof with a lower one like at the Tokugawa Museum.

Not sure what scale that architetural model is, but eek at that price it doesn't matter.

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6 hours ago, ben_issacs said:

Cat,When you get your tea house set up, you should call it the 'Tea House of the August Goon".


Ceremonial rhubarb tea?

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Challenging the very near-sighted like that, tsk, tsk.

A sencha cup is about 72mm.  I have .020 styrene rod.  A dab of paint on the top in whatever colour tea is desired; or just tap it with a .005 Micron Art Pen.  Very easy.

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You can put the rod in your rototool chuck as a lathe and then use a xacto knife tip to make your cup shape. Turning it off though is hard make a curve the cut off as they tend to fly! 

teapot can be done with 2mm bead and then some thick paint to make a handle and spout bumps. If you use a hole bead you can Pva glue in a toothpick into the hole on the bottom to hold onto it while you work on it.




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Here's some work I've done in the much more luxurious scale of ~1/100 for some small army camps to use in the DBA miniatures game.  De Bellis Antiquitatis, concerning the wars of antiquity.

The camp scene for the Kyrenean Greek army has priestesses offering libations.  I made all the altar implements out of styrene: basket for barley, oil lamp with a tiny tuft from a cotton ball for smoke, water and wine pitchers, mixing bowl, and dinking cup.

The guard on duty at the vineyard villa has a carved goblet to sample the wares.


The trick to carving small bits out of styrene rod or strips is to do most all of the carving while it's on the rod; then cut the piece off and finish shaping the bottom.

A much simpler scratch-build in N-scale is the shelf of cans and bits inside this engine house.





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Really nice work!

Try the micro turning in the dremel, it’s fun! I’ve gotten down to a large n scale goblet out of acrylic rod. I’ll look for the picts.





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