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MTC CR400AF EMU HO model (review)

Need for High Speed

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Need for High Speed

This is the CR400AF EMU #2001 from MTC (a Chines domestic manufacturer) in HO scale set A.


Some background: The CR400AF was launched in 2016-2017 very new train. It is a G train in china which is China's fastest class of trains. It has an operating speed of 350 kph and the trip from Beijing to Shanghai in 4.5 hours. It is nicknamed the red dolphin.


This is the review that I am posting for any one who is interested in this model.

(I will be posting this for sale in the classifieds)



This is the MTC HO 1:87 scale high speed train EMU CR400AF #2001 4car base set A. 

If you want the full 8 car train you will need the add-on set B of which I don't have because I didn't feel like paying for one.

MTC released this model in October 2019. 


It runs very smoothly even on dirty track because its got 20 wheels that draw power, on the motor car and both head cab cars. 

The nose cones have the ability to be taken off and their is a space to install a coupler mechanism of you choice as long as it fits.

Its comes DCC ready with a 21 pin plug only one decoder is needed because it has 8 pin energized couplers which are surprisingly easy to put together and pull apart.

It has interior lighting and full interiors with seats along with working directional head and tail lights. When running under DCC using a LOK Pilot v4.0 like me, F0 turns on/off daytime driving lights and marker lights. F1 turns on/off interior lights and main head lights.


The down side of this model is that it is not the fastest and I don't think it can quite reach a scale 350kph its close though. Also some times the couplers jam forcing the cars to bind on a curve causing a derailment. its not always a problem but sometimes it happens randomly.



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Need for High Speed

the power car is the food service car and I feel the motor is slightly small and under powered, But its a quite runner.


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