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Busiest Shinkansen Stations

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Speaking of commuter statistics, does anyone know where I can find a list of the busiest Shinkansen stations on the network? I can't seem to find a single data source which separates and ranks Shinkansen-only passengers by station. Any help greatly appreciated. 

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bikkuri bahn

For the Tokaido shinkansen stations, these are the numbers for those that separate shinkansen and zairaisen pax numbers:

Daily Shinkansen passengers

1. Tokyo             202200

2. Shin Osaka   163800

3. Kyoto              77400

*unfortunately, Nagoya numbers (432000) include all passengers, but likely the shinkansen only number will be close to Shin-Osaka's



*interesting is the breakdown of types of passengers- 70% on the Tokaido Shinkansen are business travelers (only 9% are tourists), which is the big reason why the JR Pass (which is classified as a discount ticket much like an APEX fare) is not usable on Nozomi services.


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