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New Zealand Model Railway Show


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Tauranga Model Railway Show on 18-19th Jan 2020. Only a small show, but we like to support it and the public enjoy the Layout 


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Another recent video of the TT show layout which is stored in a large shed on our orchard, but belongs to a friend in town. This time I am running N scale Kato steamers(A recent release C62 and a C50) with Old Ibertren coaches . They look very much like the early coaches that ran on the NZ rail network. 


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another video featuring Japanese N scale on our TT layout stored in my shed. Recent work realigning an S curve near the small bridge on layout was completed in the weekend, so it was important to do test runs. Thats my Excuse anyway. Many thanks to Eurostar25 for the lovely Tomix E7/W7 set. The powered couplers are fiddly to connect , but it runs flawlessly.


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