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New industrial area structures.


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Looking at Hobby Search, I see a firm called Plum is offering four structure kits called 'Industrial Area A,B,C,D'

These comprise such things as oil storage tanks and oil refinery plant, fractionating towers etc., also a large red and white braced chimney.

They say  that these kits are non-scale, but both N and HO are mentioned in the accompanying text.

A medium sized tank in HO can be a big rank in N, similarly for the other structures.

The braced chimney, in N scale, would be equivalent to a height of 40 metres , about 130 feet or so in full size.

The models are a bit basic, no access ladders or walkways, they could be aimed at the war-games people.

As they are only just released, it's unlikely that anyone would have had any experience with these models.






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