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ENDO - PRUS freight cars

al camino

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Next day.

Shells glued but no grabs or ladders installed yet.

Chassis done but without the brakes and couplers.

Just made a testfit on the TORAs with 2 different #5 Kadees -> perfect fit!

Now I have to check for my paint booth. Had been inactive for years now.

IMGP5234 - Kopie.JPG

IMGP5235 - Kopie.JPG

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the person who started a thread can go to the first post in the thread and edit that post and there you can edit the title of the thread. this only works in the first message of a thread.





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I have a few of those. Still need to sit down and paint them... But I want an air brush for them. What black are you using for them?

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Not yet figured out which color I'll take.

Right now it is fiddeling around with parts for the ENDOs (braking etc.), whole kits, glue, cutting tools and so on.

Also a new shipment with 2 more ENDOs and a Cosmic ウ300 arrived and some HobbyModel ワキ1000 kits as well as 2 Tramway レム6000  shall be mounted first before painting.

The painting shall be done in one big session probably on the Easter vacation.

I have to check my paint booth for proper operation first. It has been out of business for >10 years now.


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