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Hi everyone! Wanted to pick your brains and get some ideas of what I could do with this curved piece of T-trak. I've been looking on line but mainly just found some really nice straight tracks :/


Thanks in advance


- Mauricio


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Philip does excellent ttrak scenes! He’s been doing the most recent 4 corners for our club so we will have a set of 4 club owned corners which is the must have element for a show if you can’t get 4 volunteered corners.


corners do take a bit more noodling to deal with in designing the scenes! I cheated on my street car set and covered one end 180 with a station! But works well with trams as it’s a place they can disappear for a bit.





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That's exactly what we're attempting at our club. I'm one of 4, the odd ball Japanese piece lol, but I don't mind at all. We have a show in Feb so I still have time and the ones on wikidot are really amazing! Hopefully I can put together something halfway that nice. I'm going to talk to the president and once we've got them completed, we could have a page up there too 🙂

Nice work on yours!


- Mauricio

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Philip has been great for the Ttrak wiki for our club as he is an avid photographer at shows so he documents JRM members modules and sets up the pages for members on the Ttrak.wiki site for us. 

have fun with your corner!





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I did a little looking on our site and found a great thread regarding the models and went ahead and ordered one which I'll be adding to my curve section soon. I'm about to make major progress and will be posting more updates in the next few days.





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