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The Yamakaigan (Analog Layout)

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I will use this thread to record progress on my older 'DC' layout.   First some background:


This layout was started about 12 years ago and now it's size scares me!  The main layout is in a 5 x 5 metre garage 'pop-up' room which has a corner pushed out to fit a spiral/helix. An add-on area accommodates hidden storage and a steam depot is clipped on.


Initially I could not decide what to model:


  • A double track depicting a sample of traffic on the main Tokaido line (Osaka - Tokyo)
  • Point to point commuter line
  • Shinkansen
  • Trams
  • A rural coastal line
  • A single track mountain line
  • Steam
  • Modern day


Rather than  lose sleep over this I decided to try and combine everything ... and so it began.

My original construction plan was sketched out, but then modified greatly whilst being built.  I used Tomix set-track and different brands of flex track.

At sea level I have a port and terminus for a coastal and a mountain line.  The single track mountain line climbs 80cm (32 inches) and travels back down to connect to the suburban line.  It is restricted to short wheelbase traffic. The single track coastal line goes around the room to Ashigawa station.  It is restricted to non-electrified trains and steam - either excursions or steam era running.  Ashigawa, which is the main station, is also the terminus for the double track suburban line and a stop on the double track Tokaido line.


Here is a track plan - good luck trying to understand it!  The only level track is at stations and yards - the rest are gradients with many tunnels to reduce the amount of track on show.




All tracks are run by my PC to provide automated 'background running'.  Yards allow me to make and drive trains on the Coastal and Mountain lines.


This video provides an overview of the layout:



If you are really, really board, then you could take the full 40 minute journey on an all-stops local train, which takes a switch-back diversion along an industrial line.

 - like most rural locals it might put you to sleep.




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Wow bob! Quite a magnificent beast! Kudos!



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Thank you very much for detailing this, I can’t find this much room but it gives a great idea on how long you need to run a realistic train. Great video’s and a superb layout.



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That's a fantastic layout. It looks like endless fun. I'm curious about the location of the depot with the turntable. Is it all by itself in a different room?


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Thanks for the comments.  That depot is outside of the train room.  I built it in a box to protect it from the cat, dust etc and I punched a hole in the wall so the line ran onto the main layout through a short tunnel.  There are a couple of photos as part of the introduction in the thread on my DCC layout: 

This DCC layout will be stored on its side in the garage (sadly the trains will have trouble staying on the tracks) but I will be able to bring it back into the house during part of the winter months for running and further work.  I have been told 'no more spending money on layouts!' so will turn my attention back to the main one.  But working with DCC was new territory for me and it was good to learn the things that  DCC fans have mastered.

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Great layout, so much detail. 

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