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Sydney Light Rail opening yesterday


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After a long and sometimes troubled construction phase, the L2 light rail line from Circular Quay to Randwick opened for traffic yesterday. The service was provided by Alstom Citadis cars running as coupled sets, but the real star of the show was 121 year-old C class tram No.29. 29 was one of the cars that ran on the opening day of the original Sydney electric tramway 120 years ago on the 8th of December 1899.

Transdev, the operators of the line, approached the Sydney Tramway Museum a few weeks back about displaying the car on the opening day. Arrangements were made to secure transport and funding, and on Thursday night the little car made it's way into the city from Loftus. It was displayed over the weekend, and we're heading into town later tonight to bring her home. It's been a big weekend!

















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That took ages to complete! I was in Sydney last week and they were testing it with the full schedule.

I hope it will be worth the wait and the mess it created in downtown the past few years.

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4 hours ago, paolo said:


I hope it will be worth the wait

So do I. I haven't had a chance to ride it yet, so I have no opinion so far.


In the meantime I went into the Quay with my mate and fellow museum member Craig to collect No.29 and bring her home. We left the museum at 2200, and were back and finished by 0200. As usual, it was a very slick and professional operation. 













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the museum owns the rail trailer setup? Just winch it up the ramps?


know the alstoms are Heavily automated, easier to get on and off of and probably a lot more comfortable ride, but the old c class really has the charm and looks to beat em!



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G'day Jeff,


The museum owns a trailer, but for this job we used Craig's own trailer and a crane. There was only very restricted vehicle access at the Quay, and at Loftus the ramp track isn't in use at the moment as the track maintenance we've been doing has been interrupted by the bushfires and subsequent fire bans.


All the best,





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