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 I just pulled my N scale stuff back out of storage, and my structure storage solution appears to have been inadequate, as they’ve been thrown around inside their plastic tubs.  Considering how Japanese style layouts are usually temporary in nature, how are structures typically stored in Japanese homes when not in use?  I’m currently using plastic totes that slide under the bed.  I would preferably like to have dividers between structures to hold them in place.




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I've started using scrap bubble wrap to protect my more delicate structures when they are in  a  box.  Bubble wrap rolls can be purchased at a stationery store. 

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Well they do take a beating using them on temp setups! I have some boxes of buildings that have been bashed around on the club shows and some home stuff for like 15 years now. They do get the small bits knocked off, especially the larger buildings. Ive been lazy over the years and never made some inserts for the boxes to keep them more separated and padded. On the smaller tomytec structures i now use plastic boxes like 12” square and 3” high. I attached a sheet of fun foam in the inside bottoms to give the buildings traction and they don’t slide around and this has been a huge improvement to preventing small bits from being knocked off buildings. Plastic tubs stuff slides around inside like on oil!  A loose sheet of thin bubble wrap put over the top of the layer of structures also helps keep things well in place and helps for the once in a great while where the box gets knocked over.

Also I put little silicon disc feet on the bottoms of the plastic boxes as they tend to slide off other plastic boxes really easily! 




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