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Greenmax Toyoko Inn


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I’m very interested in these as they are common additions to many Japanese cities.


Looking at photos, it looks like these are structures with an external sticker on the outside. I’ve not yet seen these models in the flesh to view properly.

For those that have already invested in one, are they good looking models for the price? 


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I like it and thought it was worth the price. The building is snapped together,  you can take it apart to add an interior or blank out windows to light it up. It's similar in price to the large Kato buildings.  Now if only Greenmax would release the condo building they showed a few years ago.  😉

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The building is pretty nice, and the LARGE billboard on the top really adds into the Toyoko Inn feeling... My only complaint would be it's totally hollow in the centre, and some work needs to be done if you lighted the building and needed to 'dark' off some windows for a truly hotel feel... Other than that, it's a great building at that price point! Not sure if we can combine couple of buildings to make it taller though... 

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Yes it’s totally hollow,  but this can be to your advantage in some structures like that to create your own lighting setup as the floors in some buildings make it hard to work on a floor at a time (Tomix stacking floor apartment and high rises are the opposite making it a dream!) as some require the flor as part of the whole assembly and once together it’s hard to tear apart.


with a structure like the toyoko inn it’s best to just do a cheat of lighting a partial floor in front and back units you can pop in and better light seal than a full floor you have to slide in one at a time and seal up (And also remove for any repairs or mods). You can make little floor ledges that seal to the walls and give a nice flat surface for your little box of partial floors to mate up to with a little inter lock strip under each floor for alignment and light sealing. Then jsut do a bit of scenery up front as you won’t be able to see more than 3\4” into the windows with your eyeball right at the windows anyway. I bet toyoko rooms are not more than 10’ (3/4” scale) deep anyway! 


you can even cheat more by just making little window boxes you glue behind the windows you want dark. This is to not have your mask be right on the window and visible but you can do that for some being the curtains drawn. Then just a couple of leds in the open structure will give you the some on some off effect and if not being viewed more than a foot or two away when lit you will never notice the missing floors.




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