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40th Anniversary MEC Wunsiedel Exhibition 16./17. November 2019


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Hello Guys,


Hereby I would like to announce our big anniversary exhibition on the 40th anniversary of MeC Wunsiedel on 16 and 17 November 2019 in the Fichtelgebirgshalle in Wunsiedel - Bavaria - Germany.


The ig-nippoN will build the Japanese-style modules on an area of 5 x 8 meters (or even more 😄 ).


There will also be more Layouts:

H0m gauge layout with models of the RhB

H0e Gauge layout of the Mariazellerbahn

TT Gauge layout's (Here you can see my layout with the Shinkansen in TT)

Europe's largest Z scale modular layout with American motifs

and more...


Dealers for new and used goods as well as smaller manufacturers are also there. A flyer will follow tomorrow 🙂


Kind regards


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Hmm, this will be not too far from here, I will ask our small Hungarian club if the guys would like to visit you.

Please post the flyer if it is available!

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Thanks Jeff 🙂


There will also be the manufacturer "TrainSetter" at the exhibition.
Here are some flyers and posters in the finished version:

Flyer hinten.jpg

Flyer vorne.jpg


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Hello Guys,


most systems are already available, my IG-nippoN modules too, tomorrow will be the modules of Tibor and Ulli (lighthouse).

Starting Saturday, it is then 2 days long fun with complete train sets. :D

I am not only represented with my modules but have my big TT system, vll. Also drives the Shinkansen for the anniversary.




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hi Guys,

I have finished the photos of the exhibition, here are the first pictures of the modules to see.

Pictures of my modules are available in my module construction topic 😄









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Wow looks great! Quite a layout! 

that’s also a really nice venue to be in! Usually we are in places like the cow palace, senior center card rooms, school gyms! I’m jealous and the food sounds great! At least we got free donuts and hot dogs the other weekend!



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Yes, once a year I put out one of my model trains in this hall because I am a club member. To eat there were very delicious meals free for us 🙂 Schnitzel with potato salad, sandwich and Sauerbraten on Sunday. 😎 and a lot of cake.


What was really great was that on saturday from 18 o'clock the hall light was dimmed and we could take pictures at night (of course with illuminated trains).

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Action from New Zealand at a recent Model Railway Show in Hamilton where my friends Layout was displayed . A small group of us help to transport and run it as well as work on it. It is based on narrow gauge New Zealand Railways with N scale track and power chassis with TT bodies. For this video I experimented with a mini camera placed on different areas of the layout as well as hand held . More videos of this layout are on my you tube channel. 


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