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Maintenance Car Database


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While trying to identify a maintenance car (of which I took a photo), I found that database that, I think, can be very useful:


It contains plenty of photos and a lot of useful information. Using the Chrome browser translates everything to English on the fly.

I hope this has not been posted yet.

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Many more items than one would expect.

A very useful reference.

One minor comment.

A four wheeled man powered vehicle is called in the list a 'bicycle'

Not so, 'bicycle' has two (Bi), wheels, this vehicle has four (quad) wheels, therefore a 'quadricycle', could be called a 'quad'.






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It is a great resource! I love mow!


bicycle is probably a auto translation issue find a close enough word. Doesn’t really matter at all if it’s called bicycle.



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This seems the most logical thread to ask this, but what is the correct Japanese word for a maintenance or work train?  I get different results in Google Translate for each one, but I want to be consistent with common practice (I’ll take ひらがな or カタカナ, ideally.  I’m not fluent enough yet to fish through the page myself untranslated).

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2009.9.20 It is work to put the rail runner used to pull the lubricating machine on the track when lubricating the rail joint on the JR Kisuki Line. Immediately after confirming that the track is closed, work begins, lowering the truck mounted on the carrier of the light truck onto the rail, and then placing the light truck on top of the truck. The rail runner uses the rear wheel of a light truck to turn a pulley attached to a bogie, and the pulley is used as a driving force to move on the track. 2009.9.20 JR Kisuki Line Shinji-Minami-Shinji There is also an advanced rail runner for 1t track developed later.



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On 11/20/2022 at 4:09 PM, bill937ca said:

Railway work train will  give you.  鉄道作業列車

I’m not at kanji-level quite yet, but that works out to てつどうさぎょうれっしゃ (tetsudō sagyō ressha).


When I typed in “maintenance train,” I got せいびれっしゃ (seibi ressha), and “work train” gave me つうきんでんしゃ (tsūkin densha).  “Maintenance” and “work” by themselves yielded even more different results.  The confusion and curiosity led to me asking.  We have “MoW” trains in the US and “engineering” trains in the UK, so I wondered what Japan called their’s.  (I’m just thinking of a simple train of little more than rails and ties or ballast, nothing too fancy.)

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I finally found the answer to my question here.  It’s 保守車両 (ほしゅしゃりょう, or hoshusharyou).

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