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Highball Video via Train Video Depot


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After a very short wait for an American interurban video to arrive today I have noticed that there is a Yamanote Line video available from Highball Video. It's available in DVD or Bluray.










I don't have this video myself, this is just a heads up. For now I have spent enough.

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Another Japan related video. It is more than 20 years old and may not be everyone's cup of tea. Generally it is a very good video on Japan's trams and major private railways. it has two lengthy sequences on the Igawa Small Railway and the Kurobe Gorge Railway. This video also long predates today's current low floor trams.  There are sequences on long lines including the Meitetsu 600V lines, the Kambara Railway, Towada Sightseeing Railway and Niigata Transport.  The video starts with a Hankyu Electric Railway Umed sequence and ends with a Kotoden sequence during the days of vintage rolling stock.


Some may not like this. There is a bible text quotation at the beginning of the video and at the end.  The producer of the video was Revelation Video. There are no religious references during the body of the video.



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Bill, I’ve got the Yamanotesen video, it’s quite good I think. The second video looks interesting too, I think I’ll get it.





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Highball also a few years back did a programme  Tokyo's Colorful Trains which wasn't too bad.It was one of a series featuring various cities including London ,Sydney and Amsterdam.

A bit dated now but interesting.

I've got a copy

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