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Shipment of Musashino 205 Series trains

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OT: Shipment of Musashino 205 Series 

With Jakarta Destination Signage, the retiring Musashino 205 Series trains will be hauled from Makuhari Railyard to Niigata Port 



新習志野940 (Shin-Narashino 0940)
西船橋952 (Nishi-Funabashi 0952)
南越谷1024 (Minami-Koshigaya 1024)
南浦和1038 (Minami-Urawa 1038)
大宮1050 (Omiya 1050)


大宮1052 (Omiya 1052)
熊谷1141 (Kumagawa 1141)
高崎1220 (Takasaki 1220)
沼田1304 (Numata 1304
水上1325 (Minakami 1325)
越後湯沢1355 (Echigo-Yuzawa 1355)
長岡1501 (Nagaoka 1501)
新津1542 (Niigata 1542)


Next Shipments: 
23/8: M52 編成
6/9: M18 編成
13/9: M1 編成


All sources of information come from Twitter

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Source from Twitter. It has been quite accurate thus far


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Update 2: Set M63 has stopped operations instead of M52. Friday’s Shipment night see M63 pulled to Niigata instead

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