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How to get inside a Micro Ace DD51

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To get the outer shell off, you need to squeeze the sides inwards to release the blue tabs that poke down through the “deck”. This picture shows what it looks like after the tabs are loose, so you can see where to apply pressure. 



After that it’s fairly straightforward. 



There are no light pipes feeding the headlamps, just a hollow space lined with black to minimize leakage. 


At either end you’ll find a pair of screws securing a circuit board for the light, and a slightly larger pair securing a metal piece that’s both a light guard and a cover for the drive shaft cavity. 



You'll need to undo all four screws to gain access to the drive train. I recommend the finest screwdriver you can get, and I magnetized mine for ease of reassembly. 


Sadly my phone battery died at this point, so no mo pics. But I didn’t get any further anyway. 

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