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JRM at Ekoji Buddhist temple Obon Festival


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We brought our 25mm Ttrak setup to the local Buddhist temple’s annual Obon festival today for the tenth year now! It’s a great little festival with food, Bon odori, takio drums, etc. they give us a small tent to do a train setup for the kids (and the big ones too!) lots of fun and we let the kids right up to the modules at nose level and they love it. Few fingers but we just ask gently please don’t touch and they are good at shipping. One little three year old went to touch something and I said please don’t touch and he pulled his finger back and promptly put it up his nose! We are thinking of changing the please don’t touch signs to put your finger up your nose if it needs to touch something...









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Years of collecting them! Most have gotten the crap knocked out of them going to like 75+ shows over the years! At some point they need some major rehab and sprucing up.


its a fun and easy event to do, just very hot and humid today any paper or cardboard box was limp and damp! A 90/90 dc day...



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Did you guys do a count of your vehicles before and after the show?  Just wondering because it looks pretty easy to just grab a car or two. 🙂


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We may loose one or two, but I doubt it. If we do it’s not to a pocket but just knocked into the grass and we tear down at 9mand it’s pretty dark, we should sweep well with a flashlight though. We keep a good watch for fingers and they usually just want to touch and rarely grab and when they do it’s really obvious. Most parents are around and watching as well. It is a horrid temptation but I’ve always been surprised how even the smallest toddler can be very respectful, it’s been really wonderful. I love letting the kids get their noses right up to the trains and scenes. Many love to wait for trains to go in and out of the station tunnel. One year we had a 4 yr old run back and forth to either side or watch trains coming in out of the station tunnel on each side about 50 times. 


In my exhibit work we really try to not harden stuff no matter how much the client asks for it as if you respect your visitor and just keep abut of an eye out it works so much better than hardening everything as it seems to just subconsciously piss off just about everyone and they end up disrespecting you back. We had one inner city museum exhibit that the city wanted us to put plex over video screens and put touch screens into hardened kiosks etc. we refused and it has never had any vandalism in a decade. Touch screens were just apple flat screens floating on a 2” metal curved post and small thin plate glued over the few controls on the side of the monitor. They are still working today! 


The worst offenders (except for one little frustrated kid at one show years ago that was at the full-on tantrum state) are adults! They think touching is fine as they are “adults” and they get very indignant if you say please don’t touch. Adults also lean over to take pictures and knock stuff over, especially with camera straps and  over shoulder bags. I now ask any camera carrying folks with any bit of dangling strap to please pull it all up before shooting as it’s been the worst offenders.


The interesting thing at this show I had like 20+ folks asking if it was ok to take pictures. In the past maybe 2 or 3 folks would ask at a show. 


Ill have to do a google picture search on our goji as it usually turns up all over the web the week after a show.


going to have to get the big rc goji out to a show here and really have fun with folks!



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I just noticed no busses got put in front of the station! Oh well it was Americans so they would expect all cars there...



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Wow that looks really fun! Gotta love that Tomix alternate coloured condominium! It also seems Godzilla is the permanent resident of all shows!  🙂


I'm pretty disappointed there isn't much buses though... but that's just me  😛


Nice display and great way to introduce the young ones to modelling amidst the world of technology these days... 

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Yeah October will mark 15 years of the club doing shows!i think we are at 80+ shows done and billions and billions served! But with 11 cherry blossom festivals we had the potential opportunity for a million pairs of eyeballs passing by over the years.


Sorry about the busses Sammy, different folks put out the vehicles grabbing different boxes of vehicles each time with this Ttrak setup so you get a different mix each time! They may not have dug down in the big box of vehicle boxes to get to more buss boxes! No bus terminal at the station is a sin though!


every other show the staircase comes off the Tomix apt building and someone has to carefully get it back on. If you are zen you can do it as one big piece if not it’s one floor at a time...


its funny a lot of the 3-5 year olds just sort of have this stunned look on their faces for a long time seeing a miniature city at their noses. I don’t think many ever see something like that or get to get that close to anything delicate!


Goji is our mascot so he’s usually lurking around somewhere! 





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Brilliant, and an excellent occasion for indoctrinating defenseless children!



"Goji? Oh... he might look a bit rough but he's a good boy, really. Simply want's to play a bit. If he's a nuisance, just look him firmly in the eyes and scold him. That should do the trick!"

(Lady Sybil Ramkin-Vimes, probably...)

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