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N scale model airports


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Densha - I don't know about that airport....the plane looks too big. It might have worked if it was a small plane airport with a few Cessnas.


Jeff - is there a terminal that connects to the loading gate?

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Looking like at some point they might, seem to be building up to it with their product line. But a terminal for a jetway of that size would be quite expensive as a laser cut model!


Large airports don't compress well. Even miniature wonderland's doesn't quite seem to do it in pictures. I think the animation covers that up well though. Small bush strips I've seen done do compress well though and small, slow props can take off in pretty short distances compared to jets!



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Krackel Hopper

Planes require too much space.. helicopters on the other hand..


I just need a 1/150 scale model of this brand new helicopter destroyer..




At 248 meters long.. that scales down to roughly 1550mm or about 5ft..


At a quick glance, the minimum runway space for a Boeing 747 is 6,000ft.. scaled down to 1/150 and we're at roughly 40ft of runway.. maybe if someone has a nice long basement wall to build on.. that would be seriously impressive!

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Sankei do a batch of airport buildings in 1:144 scale, it would be possible to stick a couple of the smaller ones in the corner of   a layout, but there doesn't seem to be any suitable small civilian aircraft in 1:144 to go with them'

There are plenty of modern military jets, no use for this small field, a couple of Douglas DC 3s, a bit big, could be for joy flights.

Here in Melbourne I was able to get a 1:144 model of a DH Drover, this is a three engined version of the DH Dove, built in Australia for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. 

One could put it on the hard standing and say it's on a courtesy visit, but where are the little single engined Cessnas and Beechcrafts?

Running around the internet and aircraft modelling sites brings up nothing suitable

Possibly a small military chopper, re-painted, might do.

The small Sankei control tower comes with a couple of stick and string hang gliders, but one would like something with a fan at the front end.






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Few small civilian planes out there in n scale


Osborn models have a few and another small hanger




smattering of Cessna and Beechcraft on shapeways and also some bits and pieces of airport equipment








F-toys has many civilian helicopters out there and a number of them Japanese even. I got a pile of these really cheap on ebay when these series came out.











Scads of 1/144 military planes. Could put a few wwll planes out and a big crowds around them for a historic air show.




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Had a look at the Shapeways and Osborn 1:144 kites, there are certainly some suitable small a/c available there.

What I was thinking of was on a corner module, inside the curve, just the small Sankei admin building, a bit of hard standing, no hangers, and one or two small civilian a/c, suitably modified with Japanese registrations.





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Nice! Reminds me I need to do a heliport Ttrak module, I have a scad of 1/144 heliborne copters I got super cheap on ebay.


the guy does a lot of great stuff




At first seeing this one I thought he may have been the chap I bought a dozen Tomytec warehouses off of on ebay. The guy I bought them from was a commercial modeler and photographer who was doing some job to make a miniature of a warehouse like the one in the video. Sold off the bits after the job was done. But mine are still the blue roofs. 






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These are some pics from our local model train show a couple of years ago. Pretty sure these aren't N scale but they look great. Old biplanes and a Piper Cub and a grass airstrip with a few hangers. Looked great and didn't take up a ton of space. It was one of my favourite layouts at the show.




Cheers eh,



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Nice! Takes me back to my childhood as I made a lot of 1\72 biplane models from plastic kits and cardstock as well. A friend and I made a few airstrips like this and hangers from thin ply.


good to see you back todd!





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