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List of Zinc Pest / Zinc Rot affected japanese model trains


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It is definitely warp. I will order the DT33 set and go from there I guess.



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That's what I was afraid, it's the older "square" motor cover. It won't fit directly on the E0005 chassis without some modifications, but it's possible the underframe details sold with the E0005 are satisfactory to you. I'm not entirely sure the motor cover you have can fit on the E0005 even with modifications.

An alternative solution would be to hunt for a suitable motor car on Yahoo Japan Auction, either from a 481, a 485 or a 183/9. You can always find some and they possibly have a more prototypical motor cover for you to use. In any case, remove the cover from the chassis to avoid it getting warped without possibility of recover. And keep the bogies too, they might still fit the more recent motor units.


Obviously, this is assuming you want to keep your 481 motor car as prototypical as is. Otherwise, you can just plop the E0005 without any modifications.

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