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Green Max buildings


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Have  a question  about them ,,,   found a small station an signal building on e bay  bought it,  two of the walls snapped while trying to assemble it!! Now most of what I have now is Kato, I stepped outside the box so to speak    Are al the Green Max buildings that fragile??

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I've built various Greenmax buildings and the plastic is very strong. Maybe was on a fragile zone? Maybe large windows... Is it beyond repair? If you post some pics maybe we can help on how to repair...



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Could you post a pic? We can give some ideas on how to repair or replace the broken part so you can use the building.



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Most of greenmax joints are not compression fit at all just a glue joint that is pretty loose. Usually have to glue then hold in place till the glue sets with tape, jig or by hand. I’ve not found many parts that need any real pressure while assembling other than just keeping the parts gently together while the glue dries.



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