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Jioworld buildings


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I'm getting a good sense that Sankei and Mokei Kobo buildings are good quality. Does anyone have experience with JioWorld buildings?

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I did have some Jio World structures ~ They are built with really strong paper, and looks pretty nice from far ~ Minus point is that it is hard to light them up, and often the rear of the buildings are empty... Other than that, it is a good filler for spaces and landscape! 









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Problem with print card stock models is n scale is on the verge of where the eye wants to see surface relief details and the print effects don’t always pop those from 2d to 3D. Also to do layering you need to do a lot of cutting out of windows and frame areas to layer then you need to deal with the white edges and color them carefully. They work but can have issues and usually best at a distance or for plainer construction. The car park and the drab high rise that Scale scenes make works well as the sufaces don’t scream for the eyeball to look at them closely and they are designs that are just simpler so the mind’s eye is not looking for more suface detail other than color and maybe a little texture. 


the jio world buildings always seemed to pick more detailed building designs and complex suface materials/textures that makes the eye want to look at them too closely then the eye starts to see the detail is not 3D and then I think it turns a bit cartoonish all of a sudden. I’ve noticed looking at pictures of them at times they look great and all of a sudden it does a who framed roger rabbit in my head and I’ve held off getting any because of this and jrs comments.


printies in n scale work the best in the background where the mind’s eye usually isn’t expecting details and with just a few visual cues it fills in thenrest in your head from your visual memories. I’m always amazed how a simple painted backdrop can look pretty flat and unrealistic on its own, but when the foreground scene is there it feels real and with depth. Perception is an interesting beast...


i live how af z scale printies start to really shine as at scale you see little surface depth details and the printed effects can really start to work well and are so small your eye can’t really hang on any one of them. Printies really shine at T scale as there you would see no surface detail depth changes as the thickness of a sheet of paper is 2” scale, plus the closest you look at anything is like min 300’! I messed with an bunch I shrunk down and just quickly taped up and the effect to do a number of even large building was really great! Just doing 2 paper layers for a little of structural surface detail on larger buildings really makes them pop.





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