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Exit strategy - projects for minimal tools.

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I'm going to be moving in a few months. But we've decided to break down the layout to "stage" the train room for house sale. I'm going to pack up the work room too. So I need to think of a bunch of projects that I can keep myself busy with that require a minimum of tools. 


I'll probably set up a temporary DC layout on the floor and just not convert the trains that arrived between now and the move. Also, I'll do a bit of collecting. But I'd really like to have some little projects to work on.


Buildings aren't so suitable as I like to light them up and paint them, and midify them a bit.. Before I know it a lot of stuff is involved.



Ideas so far.

1. I may work on some Arduino stuff. I've had a kt for a long time now that I've barely used.

2. I've always liked the idea of creating my own figures. There's a program out there for this purpose, but I've never really had time to spend on it. 

3. I've also wanted to play with AutoCAD for 3D printing. I know there are some free programs for ding this. 

4. Research G-scale trains. I want to set up a garden layout at some stage. 

5. Work on plans for my new layout - the first thing will be the basic wooden framework design - but I already have a "new layout" thread.

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I'd suggest detailing the interiors of train cars.  I use testors disposable brushes and with tamiya paint any mess can be wiped up with water.  For AutoCAD Autodesk fusion is free for personal use and can do almost all of what their professional software can do.

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