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Kato V15 and Viaduct Station together


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Does the V15 set work mathematically with the viaduct station? I'm trying to narrow my layout width a bit, so I am thinking about using double track (i.e. no sidings) in the viaduct station rather than double track with two bypass sidings. I'd like to use the V15 310mm lefts and rights to provide curves, but I don't seem to find the right combination of platforms whether they are 248, 200, or 71 that will then match up with a multiple of 248 viaduct wide platforms. 


I have 1922mm max length available for viaduct station (which certainly doesn't come out to any multiple of 248). So it would seem my practical max track length is 1736mm (7x 248s).

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Using the most condensed platform arrangement with the V15 you could have it exactly 1736mm long which would fit 4 platforms, or about a 6 car train.  If you use two R481-15 curves instead and a curved platform on the ends you could probably fit another platform piece in for 5 platforms.   The advantage of the V15 is that all the track could be concrete ties and would look nicer, and also permit faster running though the s-curve.

I did a quick sketch in any rail to show how it would look for both.  Using 481 curves on top and the V15 set on the bottom.  


And of course there's a writeup on the set on sumida crossing, which gives you a very good look at how the two compare visually.

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The 310mm platform approach tracks are a little strange. While their geometry fits into the usual Kato 62mm sections,(62mm,124mm,186mm, 248mm, 310mm)

the internal area for platforms always seems a little tight.


The basic V15 allows to fit the Island platform set between it.(23-120) The short platform ends have a slightly larger footprint than the usual Kato measurements so the junction box plates are slightly smaller to accommodate them. That’s certainly what I find with my set anyway.


Check out Sumida Crossing


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WIth a 1736mm length, the shorter straight section (the one between the curves) is 4x 248mm and 1x 124mm. 


Non-tapered Island Platforms are:

248mm (23-100, -101)

200mm (PN 23-102)

71mm (the short squared ends from 23-120)


It seems there are only two options:, none of which is "plug and play."


Option 1: If I use 4x 248mm platforms, I end up with a 62mm gap at either end. The ground facilities part that comes with V15 I believe would fit in that spot, but then the S-joiner end of the platform is exposed.

Option 2: I use 4x 248mm platforms and 2x 71mm square ends (23-120), but shave off some of the 71mm end to fit the gap, then either fill in the notch in the V15 approaches with ballast or trim the ground facilities panel to fit in the approx 14mm notch.


Is my head on straight?


Kamome, are you saying you cut off part of the ground facilities part from V15 to accommodate the 71mm end pieces from 23-120?

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The kato older style (dark gray) platforms do not have a short end and would have to be trimmed.  The kato newer (light grey) island platform set comes with two short sections to match the spacing of the V15 set.  


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5 minutes ago, Kiha66 said:

The kato older style (dark gray) platforms do not have a short end and would have to be trimmed.  The kato newer (light grey) island platform set comes with two short sections to match the spacing of the V15 set.

Kiha said it for me. No cutting but you have to use the short ends that you get with the Platform set. 


You will always have an issue using the V15 with the viaduct station, due to the length of the the curves. The set was designed to be used on a ground level platform. If you put the V15 curves at beginning and end of the viaduct station plates, there’s a 124mm gap in the middle. Sadly Kato don’t produce either a 124mm viaduct plate or full width suburban platform this length. The V15 set looks nice but will reduce the platform length you can use with the viaduct station. The R481-15 curves will give you the longest platform possible in the space.



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Thanks all! It seems the best choice is to use the 23-120 set and cut off part of the short ends and part of the ground facilities piece from the V15. That still provides four 248mm platforms plus approx two 62mm uncovered platform ends after I'm done cutting. I'm content with that solution. I think it looks a lot better with a shinkansen entering the station using more gradual curves than the 481s.

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