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Weathering from a Japanese Perspective

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An old article on weathering Kokis from Japanese train retailer Mid-9 made me look for more sources on dirty paint (汚し塗装). A right click in Google Chrome will translate the article to English.




Dirty paint Google  (汚し塗装)  search.  Most links seem to be Gundam focused.




These methods make use of items like the Tamiya weathering master sets, GSI Creos Gundam Markers (used one last night) and other items available from dealers like Hobby Search in the tools section.


Now some Japanese language articles  and videos with a Japanese perspective on where to weather. It seems much of the weathering is focused on JNR era stock which apparently were not up today's standards. This may be a matter of technology of the time (including steam power) rather than neglect.











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Is wabi-sabi relevant here?  Like imperfect teacups?

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excellent videos. thanks! In the one adding coal to the hoppers, he should have added a tiny amount of isopropyl alcohol or similar to the matt medium to help with absorption into the material

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I thought the same! Surface tension is a bit#$! 


Spritz of 70% isopropanol also works wonderfully before application.



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