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Rolling Stock Lineups


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May I?  🙂



My little Shinkansen rolling stock line up ~ 



With a new addition to the family ~  🙂


Which reminds me to do a photo shoot soon for my other trains ~  🙂

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My Yamanote collection:



I also have a six car set of the old KuMoHa 11 type units and a lone SaHa 204, along with a pair of KuMoYa 90s (converted from 72 Series stock so kind of Yamanote relevant).

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8 hours ago, Ochanomizu said:

Hello JR500,


Please tell us more about your joinery unit.  Where was it made?  What is it made of? How much did it cost, etc.


Hi I assume you are referring to the display cabinet? It is a custom made furniture piece, made by my renovation contractor when I renovated my new place, along with my dinning table layout.. It's made of solid wood and sliding glass doors (4 pcs). It cost around SGD$1800 and it is around 2.4m Long and about 1.2m high and 0.5m thick 

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13 minutes ago, Ochanomizu said:

It is made from "timber" JR .... "wood" is stuff you burn .... 😉


My house is timber-framed, I have various items of furniture made of wood inside it.

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While they are used similarly around the world, woodworkers would call it wood not timber. Ive worked with woodworkers all over the world and I’ve never heard anyone saying timber for kilned and milled boards for cabentry or furniture. 



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According to dictionary.com timber is wood from growing trees suitable for structural buiding.   I guess once cut it is no longer timber 😉.        


Wood is what trees are made of 🙂 and a superset of timber.   


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A convocation of KuMoThingies (there must be a Japanese term to cover all of these):



Some not shown, have power and dummy versions of the Kato ones and the GreenMax KuMoYa. The rest are Tomytec, the KuMoNi 143 and KuMoYuNi 147 are motorised but the KuMoYuNi 143 is a dummy. That way it can run with my matching Kato Minobu line 115 Series.

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Roughly half of my B Train Shorties:



Planning to order another case next month, have a bit of a problem with the 500 Series though as the noses are too long to fit in this size foam. It can sit in one of the glass-fronted bookcases instead.

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Well I started out wanting to model Japanese freight and I've *mostly* kept to that so here's my once again *mostly* JR East fleet. Big boys first, Tomix First Run EH500 and Kato EH500, Tomix EH200 in the front with a Kato EF510 in the rear. I use the EF81 to pull my Annaka freight (it did for a bit I understand) so it gets included here.



On to some smaller electrics, a trio of Tomix ED75s, a Kato ED62 and in the front a Kato EF210-100 and EF-210-0



Diesels here, Kato DE1o followed by a Tomix DE10 with an out of place Seibu E851. In the front Kato DD16, Tomix KD55, Tomix DE10 and a Tomix DF200.



Also I have this little fellow:



And finally, while some people on this board may think that a certain 8-axle electric locomotive is the epitome of Japanese locomotives, some of us have different tastes. Behold the glory that is the DD51!


Tomix Euroliner, Kato DD51-500 3 headlight and cold weather version, Tomix DD51-1000s. In the front Kato and Tomix DD51-800s and Kato Hokkaido DD51s. Sadly only the Hokkaido ones will run together without fighting. Even though the Kato JRF -800 is from Aichi I may still get another one so I can at least speed match them and double head them since I have a decoder in it (Kato DD51s take one relatively well). 

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On 2/25/2019 at 8:46 PM, Sheffie said:

Okay. This is everything.



Nice start... I'm sure it'll expand whether you're planning on it or not... 😉

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My entire collection, but i will always need more!!!!!!! Glory for the person who picks the odd 1 out




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The Shinkansen, because it's the only Shinkansen?


The JR West express next to the Shinkanse, because it's the only JR West express?


The Nagoya? metro train third from the left/


The NEX, as it's the only JR East train?

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