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Casco Cases


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They seem to be like trains, get them reserved or at release or forever hold your peace.


Does anyone know if their 12 car 20 or 21m foam will fit a kato 6/7 car case?  Specifically wondering if I can get all 12 e259 into one case.

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Casco and kato share very similar specs. Pretty sure they are interchangable.


If you look pictures of the cases, they have diagrams showing the dimensions of the foam. Get the ruler out and measure.

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I know their ten car foams are the same size as Kato cases, but I think the twelves may be a bit larger as I can't see how else they'd fit. There is not much spare foam in the tens.


I'm a big fan of their six and seven car mini cases, although the thin foam dividers in the sevens tend to sag if stored upright.


Edit, went for a look at the HobbySearch listings for the twelve car 20m foam, and they only mention Tomix and GreenMax cases. There's something in the listing about Kato and certain Casco cases, but I suspect it says "doesn't fit".

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