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Speaking of Viaducts...


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looks pretty smooth now! the slowup is the steep grade with a longer train and curves. harder to try to ride the throttle with this kind of throttle to keep a more even movement. also might add an extra feeder or two, especially at the start of the grade up to make sure no power drop there. older connectors can have a little oxidation on them and thus will give more of a voltage drop joint to joint.



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10 hours ago, katoftw said:

So what was the issue?  Old track? Old joiners?  Dirty track?  Dirty joiners?  Old throttle?

Yes. Lol all of the above

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I actually did a lot. As I replaced all the brown track on the viaduct with FT, I wiped each rail down with IPA. then methodically wiped down all the remaining track.  I also wiped IPA on the motor unit, bring careful not to undo any of the oiling in the gears. All in all, a couple hours, but well worth it!

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