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Controlling LEDs in layouts and dioramas.


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Some while ago, CTEN04 suggested using preset resistors in LED circuits to adjust brightness.

As I've had light-balance problems I took up the idea in a recent diorama (photos to come). Some buildings were

completed before including them so the wiring had to let me splice in these presets on little

stripboard bases. 4 light circuits were set up, day and night (buildings); street lamps and yard lamps so they're

wired into terminals in a length of stripboard.


Thank you, CTEN04! :)


This pic is the diorama's underside. The dark shapes are the undersides of buildings. The one in the top left was

pre-fitting-VRs - far too bright - so I had to splice the VRs in there's a little black arrow to show the one. 

There's also a preliminary shot of the general store (daytime) and showing that I put the track at the front this time, not

at the back like last time!







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thats really nicely done! Those little breadboard pc boards are great for the task and made everything so clean on your wiring! That’s why I love doing it this way.


really great module, is it a Ttrak or Fremo?





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no worries just looked like one of the modular formats popular with many around the world like Ttrak. Modules that are 310mm units of unitrack on modules like 12” square (but they can vary in depth and also be multiple lengths of 310mm also). Fremo is another more varied modular standard. Then some jut roll their own.


did you do this as a diorama or I assumed it had track on it with the pict with the train going past (so I though modular layout).


again really nice job on the lighting and wiring and scenery as well! Really a little jewel!


what did you use for the light shade above the sign on the building?



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Well it looks somewhat like good old ntrack to me, but it could be just sectional for a home layout.


(ttrak is the mini format with around letter/a4 paper sized modules, while fremo is the european club standard for large multi club layouts)

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