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Rokuhan - New Releases

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Two new announcements by Rokuhan (this time via Twitter):


- the KiHa40 as a z-shorty in two liveries, and

- "1 formation train serving 5-car set" (?!?), which to 99% is the Imperial Train!



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For some reason, the English Rokuhan hasn't been updated, so some new shorty products have snuck under my radar:


Z SHORTY KIHA58 J.N.R. Ordinary Express Color 



Z SHORTY KIHA58 J.N.R. Kyushu Color



2 New Trunkcase layouts (If you have a spare $1000 usd around)




Power Selector switch, seems to allow auto-block control, and the description hints are some more products (an de-coupler module for example)



Automated Reversing switch, automatically reverses a train's direction when it passes over a sensor.



It seems like the new switches could create some very interesting layouts for the people smart enough to use them. 

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I've noticed this, so now I always view the rokuhan site in Japanese and use google translate. I'd like to see a video of the switches in operation, they could prove to be pretty interesting!

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