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Japanese Wooden Building Exterior Question


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Is there a name for the type of “siding” used in traditional Japanese wooden houses that looks like horizontal clapboard but with vertical slats added to it?


Here is an example of what I am talking about https://get.pxhere.com/photo/architecture-structure-wood-house-window-roof-home-wall-high-ancient-facade-exterior-design-japanese-5d-style-hires-markii-traditional-hi-res-resolution-ibaraki-sakuragawa-makabe-siding-daylighting-outdoor-structure-514842.jpg





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Those horizontal boards, which we call weather boards, are only nailed to the vertical studs along their top edges.

In very high typhoon winds, the winds could get under the lower edges of the boards and pull them off.

The outside vertical strips would prevent this happening.

That's only a guess on my part!





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