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Godmother of sumo


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Sumo always seems so exotic, then to see this little British lady being a top sumo expert it’s even more strangle wonderful.


Doreen Simmons, Unlikely Voice of Sumo Wrestling, Dies at 85   https://nyti.ms/2IbWMIN





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I saw Hiro Morita's tribute to her on NHK last night. Despite being English and a (albeit recent) sumo fan, I was not aware of her and her influence until now. RIP.

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I’m amazed how hypnotizing sumo can be. I find myself watching the competition summaries mesmerized all the time now on nhk.



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Former French President Jacques Chirac was a sumo fan. At that time, he was receiving video tapes recordings he was watching at night. 



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I've been a sumo fan for a few years now. I have been fortunate enough to attend a couple of tournaments in Tokyo; the most recent in 2019. The atmosphere in a packed Kokugikan is amazing, as was the noise, especially when a popular Rikishi is fighting...sadly the noise is much reduced in these Covid times, but I am sure that will return.

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