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General Sales / Auctions Thread


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modeltrainstuff.com is having a KATO sale.  Most of their stuff is the US trains, but they have some platforms and other buildings greatly reduced.


And their track has a discount during the sale as well




ETA:  from the newsletter on track:






Use promo code 10TRACK at checkout!
Ends 5-20



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I spotted this beauty on Hattons web site

Kato 10-474 Super Odiriko as new 165 pounds

Kato 10-475 Super Odoriko add on 150  pounds

Two things  :- A)A new 10-1412 is priced at 100 pounds by Gaugemaster (upgraded 10-475)

                        B)The packs have been swapped and the add on pack shows three cars with pantographs but the base pack has no pantographs!

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Hattons had quite a bit of used Japanese trains a few weeks ago.  Search under pre-owned, n scale and last 180 days.  Research your prices because in nne case I looked at the pre-owned price was more than the list price in Japan. 

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45 minutes ago, bill937ca said:

Hattons had quite a bit of used Japanese trains a few weeks ago.  Search under pre-owned, n scale and last 180 days.  Research your prices because in nne case I looked at the pre-owned price was more than the list price in Japan. 

I have bought from them in the past but recently I've noticed their prices are higher than I would consider in a few cases.

On the other hand I've picked up some real bargains on eBay including a 10-474 which was what set me looking at Hattons pair.


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I haven‘t found a thread for this but I hope this is the right place to ask about who maybe knows where I can get a certain set the cheapest 😄


I‘m looking for the Kato 10-1548 Kyushu Car Train, I found it for around ¥16000 on YAJ but with Fees, national shipping and everything maybe some of you know a place where I can save a little money and japanese VAT :D


Thank‘s in advance!



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It's a 2019 special release with the manufacturer price set to 23,000 yen + sales tax. I could get one delivered in Toyko free today from Yodobashi Camera for a little under 17,000 yen including points (they don't deliver overseas, just mentioning it as reference), a quick search of Yahoo Auctions doesn't show anything cheaper. I don't think you're going to save any more money unless you get really lucky (or maybe wait a couple of years for a less-than-perfect set to show up on Yahoo Auctions etc.).

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Thanks you too. I also found a set on Mandarake for 14k, it‘s used but claims that additional parts are unused and I‘m fine with getting a lightly used item. Hobbyland Pochi also had quite a few left a few weeks ago but they all sold out within days apparently 😄 

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Rails of Sheffield have recently listed a load of Kato JDM HO stock on their ebay page. Unusually for Rails the prices are very sensible. Hokutosei basic set for £150, powered 165 Series basic set for £175 and locos around the £110-£130 mark for example!

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They also have a rather impressive selection of Tomix H0 locos up for grabs as well. These are in the £300 - £500 range (including the EH200 and E500).

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Maaaaan, I really want that C59 post war and the 9600 Kushyu, but they wont ship to California for some reason. 

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Try messaging them? They're one of the biggest stores in the UK and do read their emails.


More stuff has appeared including piles of Endo and other kits, more Kato freight stock and some Tomix freight. May have just grabbed a KoKi 250000 for £21.50...

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I just did, and they gave me a good deal on shipping too.  I sense some financially irresponsible choices in my near future...

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I think I may buy one or two other oddments next month... Also they have another Pirata N coach I want for my Swiss metre gauge collection (based on Kato models, stripped and refinished by hand in Italy). Wasn't going to get into them, but when Rails have some for £30 less than it would cost to buy new and have it delivered from Italy...

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