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ef57’s scenery-less layouts


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Martijn Meerts
On 11/30/2019 at 10:10 AM, EF57 said:

It just goes to show that when the cat‘s away ...


... the trains come out to play 😉


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I am greatly enjoying my mini-version of “Minories”, a justly renowned brilliant combination of switches concocted by CJ Freezer (see any edition of his “60 plans for small railways/locations”).  It is a passenger terminal allowing for simultaneous arrivals and/ or departures, giving access to/from any platform to/from either the up or down incoming lines, all with an unavoidable sinuous, snaky movement.  It uses only five or six switches.  Much comment and semi-philosophic interpretation on the Brit websites!  I must say, it is really fun to line up those switches and watch the shorties sail through them.  The power routing works superbly so you can isolate any platform.





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