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Carry on up the Haya River

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Well a long time, not much posting! Not really surprising, given the we’ve had... Let me summarise: Builders, Redecorating, Daughter Boomerang, Builders, Redecorating.... ‘Nuff said?


So now I have a piece of MDF 4x3 metric feet. (1 foot = 30cm) It’s a single board that will fit in the boot of the car with space to spare, with easily adjustable and detachable legs.


The plan has remained the same pretty much: 2 or 3 stations with Gora as a top station and Tonosawa at the bottom. In between will be a reversing point, either Ohiradai or one of the others. It depends on how it looks!


As the Japanese N gauge stuff ranges from DCC agnostic to outright hostile, drive will be analogue. Please Tomix, Kato, Modemo, et al. give DCC a chance!


Trackwork will be PECO settrack as I have a whole pile lying around... The settrack points are nice and short too! The points will be driven by servo (purely because it’s something I want to learn), controlled by a MERG CBUS system.


Finally, it is intended to automate the whole thing with an Arduino and CBUS interface. As a backup USB and push button panel will be available. 


What do you think?



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Das Steinkopf

Sounds good, if you need some reference photos I have a decent number in my Flickr stream of the Hakone Tozan when we rode it back in 2015. 



Hakone Tozan MoNi 1



Hakone Tozan MoHa 2


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