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CN train derails near Kingston, Ont.


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A train derailing is not that unusual, but in this case these guys were filming the train when it derailed right in front of them.


Logan Cadue was shooting photos and video of trains with a friend, he said, when they suddenly heard "a hiss of air" coming from the lumber cars on the train.

"We could see a bit of dust kicking up from the rear of the train. Then the boxcar on the tail started wobbling back and forth," Cadue said.

The train's brakes then began to squeal, and Cadue said he and his friend "booked it back" away from the train.

"It all happened so fast," he added. "If [the boxcar] had gone over and tipped our way, it would've hit us, for sure."

Cadue said he saw no one injured. Kingston police also quickly arrived on the scene, he added.


Via Rail trains between Toronto and Ottawa and/or Montreal are affected. This is reasonably close to my location.


Link includes video and photos.



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Crazy!  That yellow boxcar running away by its self was interesting.  Glad no-one got hurt!

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So the last car derailed and turned over and this also broke the front coupler on the one before it? Imho it's a good demonstration of the westinghouse air brake system and how automatic braking works in case of a trainline break.

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