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Italian Maglev project


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It looks like this Italian startup created a maglev technology prototype that does not need special infrastructure and can use standard rails with a reduced energy requirement


I hope they will be able to be successful


company website



one article on the topic (Italian), maybe in a few days some article in english will appear





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This is a self levitating permanent magnet based system. The idea is similar to the static magnetic desk ornaments.


Now the hard part. First, the power to levitate was added during magnet construction. Second there is no way to move on its own. Third, the power required to move it is a poduct of the holding force and the distance. This means the mover has to act against the levitating magnets and the faster you want to go, the stronger force you'll need. Fourth, the magnetic field needs time to form, so above a certain speed, the field will collapse. This is determined by the magnets, the rails and the geometry of the whole setup. Fifth the magnets would demagnetize over time as the moving forces constantly act against their field.


Imho if you want to go fast and propel yourself you need to alter the magnetic field at the frequency of the desired speed. This would need roughly the same power as the pulling power exerted on a static magnet system (without conversion losses).


Just my 2 cents...

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Another issue I have read about it, is that they have not a clear view on how change the train direction on rail switches, currently the prototype can't do that (train will just go straight) and they are working on it


there is no need of electricity to sustain the train, but you need it to move it.


Let's see how this idea will develop, and even if they fail maybe someone after them will be able to make an use of their ideas

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It's probably not a coincidence that all the successful high speed trains so far with the possible exception of the Chuo Shinkansen, but it's still a long way from regular service, are stock standard flanged steel wheels on steel rails that has been tried and proven technology since the 19th century.

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On 2/10/2018 at 3:44 PM, kvp said:

Fifth the magnets would demagnetize over time as the moving forces constantly act against their field.


so.. if a magnet is constantly used, it will use their magnetism over time?


btw don't magnets only gets demagnetized under high temperature?


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26 minutes ago, HantuBlauLOL said:

don't magnets only gets demagnetized under high temperature?

High temperature causes immediate loss as the magnetic poles could move around and realign randomly with an average sum of zero.


Prolonged load weakens the magnetic poles and slowly demagnetizes the material.

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4 hours ago, SCMaglev said:

I would highly question safety as well apart from all the problematic parts already mentioned. There doesn't seem to be any news about this either.


It's one of those typical startup not-even-a-company things that live as long as they're hyped in the news (wich usually means not longer than a year).


By now this project is probably dead.

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