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Where are the "Fan shops" or other places to (maybe) find exclusive items?


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Does anyone have recommendations of where to find fan shops for exclusive items that may not be sold anywhere else?


I am thinking for example of the SUICA fan shop (does anyone know where that is in Tokyo?) where they sold the SUICA Yamanote line/E2 Shinkansen, or some private railway company Fanshop that might have custom items specific to that shop that can't be purchased anywhere else.


I am already aware of the location of the TOMIX World Omiya and Kato Shop Tokyo and Kyoto. Does MicroAce or GreenMax have similar outlets?


Thanks everyone!

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I'm not sure about the other model manufacturers, but you might check some of the book shops that have large railway collections.  We've had at least two threads about them:



In Tokyo I think the place you'll want to check out is the sixth floor of Shosen Grande in the Jimbocho neighborhood.  I'm not sure what the souvenir shop at the JR East museum looks like, but I'd check that out too.  You're going there, right :grin

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Yes, JR East museum. Also, the subway museum has a good gift shop. SCMaglev has a great shop too.


If you ask at the information desk at larger train stations, they often have free gifts for kids. Stuff like cardboard models of shinkansen's that you can assemble yourself. 


The Ghibli museum isn't bad either. Not sure if you're asking strictly about train stuff. I'm actually considering adding the bathhouse from 'Spirited Away', and the house from 'My Neighbor Totoro' to my layout.



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8 minutes ago, katoftw said:

All I found in the JR East museum was overpriced KAto and Tomix sets.  Mainly Kato.  Visit the museum for the displays, not the shops.

Yes, but there's a good selection of books, videos, pictures, and train related nick-nacks. 


Edit: On rereading the post, maybe he is strictly looking for only models.



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There are a couple of exclusive items that are only sold in Kato Hobby Centre Kyoto Shop (not sure of the Tokyo one) and Tomix World Omiya...


Aside from those, there are also truck loads of spares in the Kato Hobby Centre, and loads of special and hard to find items in Tomix World... and of course, magazines, apparels and many other exclusive items so yeah I guess they are worthy to visit for some little shopping..

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