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Western Australian Model Railroading association in Perth


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Not long back from my holiday in Perth,Western Australia. Had Azumanga Davo as my uber driver. He took me out to the local club in Bayswater area for an N scale running night which was really enjoyable. The club is large with 300 members and a hugh clubrooms with Library and workshop as well as plenty of space for numerous layouts in different scales. I am in the process of editing numerous video sequences and will post a link when it is finished. some photos attached. I really appreciate the efforts  Davo went to in order to pick me up and get me to this evening. One of the highlights of my trip. Davo will know what the scales of the layouts are, as I didn't take notes.

DSC_0075 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0077 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0079 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0080 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0081 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0089 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0091 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0093 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0095 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0097 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0099 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0100 (800x533).jpg

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more photos from Perth. The suitcase is Davos N scale collection. It stays packed ready for transport to the clubrooms at a moments notice.


DSC_0103 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0104 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0105 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0108 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0113 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0117 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0120 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0125 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0127 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0135 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0136 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0151 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0173 (800x533).jpg

DSC_0188 (800x533).jpg

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On 11/29/2017 at 5:42 AM, cteno4 said:

Wow is right! Now that's a clubhouse!



Its perhaps hard to tell, but the club has two large rooms for layouts, a huge workshop recently built as well as an outdoor garden layout area. Across the road from the club are the outdoor offroad radio control car club and the radio control group with tarmac for trucks and cars. My video is edited so hope everyone enjoys. Azumanga Davos managed to get some Japanese running time on the layout. 


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