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Crockett NTrak Meet-up


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JR 500系
36 minutes ago, serotta1972 said:

This is the Caltrain local commuter train from San Francisco to San Jose. These are Athearn Bombardier Bi-Level cars and of course this is a cab car as it operates as a push pull unit.  There's a diesel locomotive at the other end and Kato actually sells them - MP36 Kobo Custom Caltrain.  Sammy, getting bored with Japanese trains - want to branch out to North American trains.  Don't, not as great as what we have with our JP trains and cost 2-3x as much.  A 3 car set of these Bombardier cars is $120 with a discount, it could be as much as $140 and these are just passenger cars. 




Haha thanks for the advise serotta1972, but i'm not branching into outside Japan trains... already have my hands overloaded with Japanese trains... 

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Hello San Francisco Bay Area JNS Forum Members,


After visiting Crockett last week, I stopped by the Crockett Museum next to the NTrak Club and was informed that Bob still comes around once in a while.  I contacted him and set up a date to meet with him at the club and run some trains.  If you're nearby, come on through and lets run some trains.  It's been over 5 years since we last went there.  Sam @Kiha66 was still going to school in Vallejo.  Note - don't bring coreless motor equipped models, I toasted one and luckily Greenmax sells the motor chassis.  You can run either DC or DCC.  


Date: September 9, 2023

Time: 10 am - 12 pm

Location:  Bay Area NTrak Club - Old SP Depot 

                   900 Loring Ave., Crockett CA

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