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Dinner with Japan Rail Modelers of Washington, DC


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I just happened to be in DC again this past week and had the pleasure of having dinner with Jeff and couple of other members and their very supportive spouses.  The food was great and the company was wonderful.  It's so awesome talking about trains and Japan with others in person.  Let me just say that this forum has given me the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful community of model railroaders and it's been so great being able to meet many of them.  


Thank you to Martjin, Jeff and Densha for maintaining this great forum and connecting Japanese Rail modelers from all over the world.  I really appreciate and am grateful for all your efforts.



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You are most welcome! It's been great to meet up with you twice now and with the club this last time! I'm glad we got the club dinner together there and you could meet some of the gang. I hope your work keeps bringing you back so we can do trains one time! You'll need to coordinate your travel schedule with train shows next.


It's been great seeing folks meet up all over the world (both on and off line) through the forum and is why we keep doing what we do! It really is a great world wide community. Its fortunate living in dc that so many folks end up coming thru the area eventually to meet up! I think I've gotten to meet a dozen JNS members in person over the years and hope to keep meeting up with more in the future.





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