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Martijn Meerts

Discord chat server

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Martijn Meerts

I've set up a JNSForum server on Discord. It's a bit overkill for us really, but it's free, and it sure beats the current chatbox plugin we have installed (there are better chatbox plugins, but they're really expensive, and not all that good either). Discord is available as native app for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS at least, and there's a web version as well. For those who want to use it, below is an invitation link to the server (it's a private one and requires an invitation link, so no chance of spam on there)

Something to keep in mind though, it's possible to post images and video's etc. directly to Discord, but obviously we'd prefer you post those things on the forum. On the forum they'll remain visible forever and everyone can enjoy them, while on Discord they disappear after a while (quite a long while, but still). The chat would mainly be useful for things like quick help, times when the forum is unavailable and things like that.

Created a new link that doesn't expire, just click on it to access the server: [removed for spam prevention, the Discord link is now in the navigation bar]

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Link removed for spam prevention
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