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Shizuoka Hobby Show 2017

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The 56th Shizuoka Hobby Show is open this weekend from Thursday until Sunday.  As Thursday and Friday are trade only word slowly filters out of what new items will be available.


Nariichi @ Model Train Plus has added photos of the Kato, Greenmax, Microcace, Tomytec and Tomix displays




Greenmax booth and posters



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I like the look of the new Kato level crossing, something a bit cheaper than their fully automatic one which doesn't look tacky.

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I like the new Tomytec HO NG loco hauled trains...and the Kato inspection pits.


Cheers NB

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Greenmax EL120, a short 12000mm loco. Video by Jun-chan channel train lovers.



Imagine that! A train show where hobbyists fill up shopping bags full of new release brochures.!  The Kato roundtable diorama plan was recently on Facebook.






Hiroshi Akiba video.



じゅんちゃん チャンネル 電車好き video


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Video by Kawacha Hobby featuring some of the smaller model train suppliers. But no videos for Kato, Tomix or Micro Ace.






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