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Our first visit to Kyushu


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Hello all,


My wife and I are planning on visiting Kyushu for the first time during our next trip to Japan in May / June.  It is the only main island of Japan that we both have not been too.


She has on her list of places to see Kagoshima, Yufuin, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, and Hakata.  We know we want to take the Yufuin No Mori line to get to Yufuin so I have been familiarizing myself with that.


Do any of you have any suggestions for other attractions and train rides in Kyushu.  She is a native Japanese speaker so language is no barrier for us.   Her main interest is food, and mine of course is trains !



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Ride the joyful trains along the Hisatsu Line. You can use it to transfer between Kagoshima and Kumamoto as they have enough space for luggage.


Head down to Itusuki for half a day on a kiha 40 something.


And by the time you have rode on a white and blue sonic for Beppu and Nagasaki. You'll have cleared out a good wish list of trains.


Don't forget the rail museum and tolley train at Mojiko Kita-Kyushu.

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The Hitsatsu line is a MUST! A century old railway that must be visited, together with switch backs and a really serene station, Masaki..


Combine it with a trip on SL Hitoyoshi, the only steam train in Kyushu to fulfill riding on a steam train at the same time.


How about Huis Ten Bosch? My Mrs loved that place.


Ride the Nagasaki trams too, and try the sand bath at Beppu.

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Thanks guys for your suggestions.  This really got us going on planning the Kyushu part of our trip.  The wife has been busy at her computer making our reservations while I've been going over train schedules and it's all coming together.  The Hitsatsu line Orange Railway was something unknown to us and now it is an important part of our plans.

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