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Chicago "O" Scale Marchmeet coming up


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If your looking for a reason to leave Japan in lieu of North Korea missiles. You might spring this idea on your wives.... Just know it's like brrrrrr cold up there... But, one can ride the Amtrak "City of New Orleans" to New Orleans - where it is warmer. Or catch a Southwest flight for there abouts the same price.


Two hours vs twenty.



I might add the "N" Scale Convention is in June at Pittsburgh, PA.

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It's all about the scenery, not the time taken.  Multiple options for good routes from the left coast to Chicago.

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Just know when Amtrak pulls out of the station at 7pm. There's not a whole lotta scenery to look at - till morning. Be it Memphis, TN and thru Mississippi. Probably, the neatest part of the ride is leaving Chicago as the train IS flying down the tracks. Then, after Champaign, IL one gets to feel the Canadian National mainline grain & coal train tracks.... Which can be bouncy at times.


Just remember to buy some Cheeto Puffs.

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