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Request for non-purchase / shipping assistance in Japan


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EDIT:  This request is cancelled, but read anyway if you wish




Two weeks ago, in the http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/12372-us-army-operated-trains-in-occupied-japan/ thread, Jcarlton posted a link to an article about an American wooden passenger car in Japan.




I was intrigued by this, and found American D&RG historians who weren't aware of the car's location, so I forwarded the link to them.  Then I started wondering just how this car got to Japan, and whether it still existed or had been destroyed.


It was used as a restaurant in Aspen, CO, until 1991, and I'm trying to contact the former owner to see what he knows.


Meanwhile, Hiroshi Naito - who wrote the JRS report, tells me that he doesn't find that used car dealership or the "car" in satellite view for Funabashi.


I'm trying to find out if Funabashi might have a historical society or a city historian who could help.


I discovered there is a Japan Used Car Dealer Association with a branch in Chiba prefecture, and tried to send them an email, but received this message:




Based on previous experience, I'm guessing it means they won't accept email sent from outside of Japan.


Although I'm doubtful about their potential willingness to help in this investigation, I'm looking for someone in Japan who might be willing to send this on my behalf, and/or look for a local source on the historical side.  Send me a PM if willing to get involved in this research.


thanks, Charles

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Thanks much squid - I'd encountered the other situation previously, I think in Japan.  I wasn't allowed to copy the text to translate it.


I guess I'll just have to agree, because I surely can't read them ;-)


I've also since thought of some other possible approaches.

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Actually, I did click OK the first time I saw that popup, but then there was no confirmation that my message was sent, so I thought whatever issue the site had was blocking me from sending.  I realized this when I got no confirmation the second time I tried.

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What I do in these circumstances is use the google translate app which can use character recognition for translating using the camera. You do get a bit of "Backstroke of the West" type translations, if you know what I mean. But usually that's sufficient to know what the general idea is.

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