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B-Train Small Layout #2


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Plan is to work down the layout from the highest point so that ground cover doesn't get all over completed areas.


I weathered the station buildings and walling last night and installed them this morning.  Bunch of ground cover behind the inner loop platform which will get cleaned up once the glue dries.  Some of it got on the track, again, all this will get cleaned up later.





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Decided to do a little bit more weathering.  I forgot the roof of the outside loop station building so took care of that and glued it in place. 


While I had the weathering items out, I decided to weather the lower loop station I showed a while back (see post 24 here http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/12183-b-train-small-layout-2/page-2?do=findComment&comment=145992).  I added a small piece of fence at each end of the platform as well as a couple of seats, people and mirrors I had left over from the tomix stations I used for the main level stations.  It will get installed later.


I just added a bit of ground cover around the main loop station building.  Still a bit more to do in this area.











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Forgot to include a couple of overview shots I took in the last post.


The main thing I have noticed is that unfinished areas are starting to stand out now, so I think I will take care of some of the ground cover at the front of the layout next, starting at the houses and working down to the front of the layout.




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Looking better, I think.  Ground cover is still a little scruffy, need to spray it down with rubbing alcohol and then matte medium to secure it all down.  When you do that, ground cover shrinks so I always add more than I want at first, knowing it will look better in the end.


I just remembered my goal was to have this layout complete by the end of 2016.  I don't think that will happen but I think a week or less and it will be done.  Then I can work on the extension at the left end for the upper level loop...






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Newly added ground cover glued down.  Always a nervous moment since it never looks right when saturated with glue, and tends to pull away from walls etc. which needs to be addressed using the handle of a paintbrush.  I usually have to go back and do some patching with more ground cover to fill gaps.  Taking photos and then looking at them is the best way to find issues.  Looking at the close up photo attached I noticed a few gaps near the fence, so I just went and fixed that while everything is still wet.  Once the glue dries the ground cover becomes pretty solid.  To avoid peeling off from the surface, I superglue a base layer down to anchor the mass firmly.


Tomorrow I might try and finish up the ground cover at the lower level front of layout, leaving just crossings to go in and then installing the lower level loop buildings at the back/right hand end of the layout as main items, then just left with detailing items.


I did buy some wood trim which I intend to add around the bottom edge of the layout.  This will prevent the foam from getting damaged and will also serve to hold the layout when being transported in the transportation box I have designed.  I will also add a metal corner trim piece to all corners to avoid damage.



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Added the lower main loop fence and have painted the base green before adding ground cover.  I will spray it down and add matte medium in a little bit.  This area just needs finishing up ground cover and then will add the lake in the bottom left hand corner.


More to follow later.





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wow, I can't keep up with your pace nickhp! You're layout looks awesome.  You must have a hundred little n scale people working around the clock and during the holidays too. :)  Can't wait to see trains running around.

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That's the benefit of small layouts, progress is much more noticeable. It would have been quicker if I hadn't complicated and over-engineered things.


I've had 5 trains running at the same time, the upper loop is waiting on the extension board (14x12") before it can have all 6 trains running simultaneously.



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So I got the front ground cover glued up last night, still a bit damp since building this in my basement and it isn't too warm down here this time of year, which means it takes a while for all the water to dry out of the matte medium.  Had to put the layout over the edge of the table since a lot of the matte medium started running through small gaps in the layout and rather than glue the layout to the table, I decided to allow it to drip onto some newspaper on the floor instead.


I have added ground cover to the bottom right areas and am preparing to glue that down now.  I think the next task will be to install all the buildings on the lower loop area and weather that whole area a bit. 


More later.





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I have added all the double track catenary as a way of making progress despite having next to no time the past couple of days.  I should get to the lower loop area tomorrow and Friday.


Anyone have thoughts on a good colour for a boating lake water?  I am thinking brown with a hint of green?





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Looking nice nick!


Yeah water color is tough as it looks different to the eye in person vs photo vs model vs mind's eye. But ponds like this usually are shallow and pretty muddy. They do look darker depending on the lighting and angle. Water is just nasty!



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The right hand lower level single line loop, which I call the "island loop", has received attention this evening.  I weathered the roads and sidewalks slightly (I may go back with more later), installed the buildings at the rear (except for the shoe shop roof which I appear to have lost - found some styrene to scratch build one tomorrow instead) and the catenary.  I just need to glue in the station, the pedestrian crossing, a bit of fencing, the crossings and a couple of vehicles and this area should be complete.  I will add figures later, after the initial train show.


So once the island loop is done, main level crossings to go in, some fencing too, then complete the lake and the scenics should be basically complete.  I then just add the corner and bottom edging and this will be ready for the train show at the end of this month.


I think in the morning I will start cutting gatorboard for the extension module...






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Started building the extension module for the upper loop.  The rear will be hidden, the track will come out of a tunnel on a rockface, cross a curved bridge across a deep river ravine, then disappear into a deep cutting where it will join to the front of the loop on the main layout.  This module is only 14 inches wide (left to right) and 12 inches deep.


Cut gatorfoam to size.  Carved slots for lower base and track base.  I am now waiting for the lower base and rear fascia glue to set, this is the first step of constructing the frame.


I will glue 3 sides to the lower level.  At that point I will slot in the track base, lay the track in and hook it up to the upper loop on the main layout.  I will then trace around the track and cut the track base as required.  It can then be glued in and the final side of the framework installed.


More tomorrow.






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Having posted the last update an hour ago, I decided to just move ahead and do the other two sides since the way I make the frame it actually gets stronger as I build it.  So, here is another update.  This will allow me to get a lot more done on Sunday than if I had to wait for the other sides to set up.




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I should slow down I guess!


Thought I would check how the extension looks.  Slid in the track base into the slots in the 3 sides and then placed the extension next to the layout.  Then I decide to put the loop track in just to look at how it fits.


I also added a poor edit to give an idea of what this extension will look like.  If you can decipher my poor mouse drawing skill you will see what I have planned for this module.






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Track marked out on base and then excess area cut out.  Fascia front and left end cut down roughly to get better access.  Pink foam land contours cut and stacked.  There is a gap between the top layer and the underside of the track base.  Once that is installed I can go ahead and glue all the layers in and remember to put in a wiring feed for the track.


A few photos attached.





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Nice, always looking forward to what is next. Great work! And thanks again for documenting your building process. Might inspire me one of these days to build something. :)

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What can I say, ultimately I am not sure I am happy with the extension module.  I will not discard it yet, but at the same time I am thinking of starting again and doing things differently.  I need to think this through a bit.  I may incorporate storage for all 3 MRC dual controllers in the rear base of the extension module.  I guess I will post more in the next couple of days on the results.  2 weeks to go to the train show so need to just get moving on completing everything.

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Getting back to the main layout.  The most complex part so far has been the edging around the bottom of the layout.  I am using wood "L" trim, made corner bracing from 1x3 cut in a special way to not be visible and allow gluing to the back of the corners too.  Photos follow to better show what I mean.


Main layout is essentially done, so extension v2 will be started in the next 2 days.








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That´s truly an amazing little layout!


:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

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