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Densha De Go back in Arcades?

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I have the Switch version and it’s pretty good with a lot of missions to complete. The graphics are no way near as good as the PS4 or arcade but there is a lot of playability. Other than the graphical reduction it’s the same game.


The choice of trains gets larger as you progress like other DDG games.

There are also other lines to the Yamanote line to drive but the section of these lines drivable are the sections that run parallel with the Yamanote. Saikyo, Ueno-Tokyo Line etc..


There’s an arcade mode which you have to score as high as possible. The choice of line is either Yamanote or Sobu. 


There’s a daily roulette mode which picks a random section of line, weather and challenge etc..


Also a free mode which allows you to pick your starting point and end point, line and relevant train, time of day, weather etc. 


It’s a good game, very easy to pick up but difficult to master. You’ll kick yourself for mere centimetre stopping errors and really notice the difference in brake efficiency between a 103 and the new E235.


My only slight criticism is that missions are a bit “samey” There is not really much difference between newer models E235, E233 etc apart from graphical representation of gauges. The newer trains have a combined throttle brake and require one thumb stick to control. Older units have separate brake and throttle and this is simulated by having each of the thumb sticks to do one of those jobs.

This adds an interesting dynamic and redefine braking distances.


It also doesn’t include the routes added to the arcade like the Osaka loop line, Meitetsu Nagoya, Hanshin, Keihin Tohoku and Chuo Main Line which would have been nice or even as DLC. It is just the Yamanote and parallel running lines.


I’d suggest picking up a copy. Most DDG games eventually disappear and seem difficult to find or expensive on the used market. Just get it and have fun.


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5 hours ago, Kamome said:

I’d suggest picking up a copy. Most DDG games eventually disappear and seem difficult to find or expensive on the used market. Just get it and have fun.




I have both the PS4 and the Switch versions. PS4 has better graphics but the other one is portable.

The good: graphic, traffic, always has to do something, different difficulties (for fun -> impossible (for me)), great sounds, different handling of trains

The bad: only the Yamanote line, no real cab view, always has to watch the reply of how your train arrived to the station, same character models on the platforms, no station melodies.

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Yeah seems a little bit of an oversight although there are only 2 of the 9 trains that require a separate brake lever, 103系 and 205系.


It’s a nice addition but let’s hope they decide to release some other titles to warrant the investment. Plenty of routes added to the arcade that might get released eventually I suppose.

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For anyone who is interested in pre ordering the Zuiki controller, I have used a website called tenso.com as a proxy service.


I've never used one before as usually I order from cdjapan.com or play-asia.com but since the DDG controller seems to be exclusive to Amazon I didn't have much choice (I don't know anyone in Japan).


Also, Zuiki did tweet out that they will be closing pre orders today (Friday 2nd of July Japan Time) for the first batch due to high demand. They however have announced they will open a second window in the future.


Side Note : Saw a video on reddit of someone repurposing a Thrustmaster HOTAS flight controller as a T/B controller for a tram Simulator. I wonder if it could be set up to run any DDG PC titles? 



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I think I am not the only one who got the controller in these day. It is massive, looks cool, feels cool. 😀 Driving experience is totally different compared to the joy-cons. It can be useable via the dock of the Switch.


zuiki3.thumb.jpeg.aeb5e4445b76feec466aa262b6af1d2e.jpeg   zuiki1.thumb.jpeg.ca8013318f619b63cc6b8ae6952ef767.jpeg

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I got mine as well! It arrived last Friday. It's definitely been a lot more fun to play with than using the standard Switch controllers. My only complaint is that I want more features, haha. A door light and rumble like on the older controllers would have been nice. Other than that, I feel like it makes driving a lot more consistent and authentic so it's been great. 

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It's worth it if you already enjoy Densha De Go! It also looks like people have already started making it work with PC train sims so it at least has multiple uses outside of DDG.

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