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Chinese floating bus/tram


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Oh my... 🤣

Over here, we have the saying that a craftsman can't possibly be so stupid - therefore, at least two of them are required!


Still, IMO this hardly justifies such a harsh headline. Of course, the whole project seems to have gained some notoriety, so I'm not the least surprised about the uproar.


Though, from the look of it, they might just have revived an old idea:


The line was built to 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) (standard gauge) and double track.[39] A decision had to be made about how far apart the rails of the double track should be. It was decided to make the space between the separate tracks the same as the track gauge itself, so that it would be possible to operate trains with unusually wide loads up the middle during quiet times.

(from Wikipedia about the Liverpool and Manchester railway)

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Doh! Guess it’s the first time these road painters have encountered figuring out train “lanes”!



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